A shift in perspective

As part of my outer journey I am also starting a fresh inner journey as well.  Taking care of the inside as well as the outside.  Giving myself those gifts that for so long I put on the back burner in the rush of a busy daily life with work, kids, relationships, etc.  I have minimized my belongings along with freeing up my time for working on myself.  One thing I have started doing is guided meditation.  In keeping with my vow to keep costs low, I have found a wonderful resource in Tara Brach.  She has a site focused on practicing mindfulness in our daily lives at www.tarabrach.com.  Where she has many audio files of talks and guided meditations all offered for free.  It really helps to quiet my incessant monkey mind that is frankly exhausting.  Have a banana, go sit down under a tree and relax, for god’s sake!

Right now I squeeze them in when I can in the mornings while I am still working, but the plan is to do one every morning once I hit the road.  I am really curious to see how things may shift and feel after a bit.

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